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results of testing
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Mode of operation:
Physical change of the water‘s molecule strukture
and reduction of the surface tension
Better atomisation, smaller and better crystals



1. Critical temperatures
smaller drops can freeze easier
snow gets more dry and / or
more snow by more water possile
higher efficiency – less water lost
earlier preparation possible
Advantages in critical temperatures
More throughput
Better snow quality
More durable slopes



2. Snow quality
smaller crystals which cause:
dryer snow
more compact snow
less ice



3. Stability

mechanical resistance grows:
  snow is more stable against skiers and preparation
less warm air can get into the snow
more fine snow reflects more sunlight (up to 90%) than coarse - grained snow (50%)
rain water gets less deep into the snow
Comparing test with two low-pressure snow guns
at criticals temperature
snow profile with SnowPlus snow profile without SnowPlus
Comparing test with two low-pressure snow guns at –8°C wet temperature in St. Anton am Arlberg (A), 22.02.2002
snow crystals with SnowPlus snow crystals without SnowPlus
Snow out of a piste (20 cm deep) after a warm and rainy week

old snow with SnowPlus

old snow without SnowPlus